Syrian women launch awareness campaign to tackle COVID-19 in rural areas

A group of women from the “Your Health is Responsibility” Group carried out a health awareness campaign in several areas of Damascus countryside aimed at helping families in need and spreading a health and preventive culture in facing Covid-19. Head of the Group, Yasmin Al-Ayniya, explained that this initiative comes as a supplement to the government’s actions regarding health awareness and taking the necessary measures that protect the health of people. The campaign included the distribution of brochures to raise awareness about ways to prevent the spread of the virus and the distribution of sterilizers, face masks and cleaning materials to a number of needy families in Nabek and Yabroud areas of Damascus countryside. Al-Ayniya pointed out that the group is a volunteer feminist initiative that was established in 2016 in Qalamoun region to support the local community in societal issues and empower women and children in particular in all available work areas. The group’s activities include various economic, social, educational, health and awareness projects such as projects entitled “Cultural Hall, The Syrian Mosaic, My Profession is in My Hand, Teach Me a Language and Your Health is Responsibility”.

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