Good sign for Syria – refugees return home

The war that began in 2011 has forced about 7 million citizens to leave the country and above half a million were killed. The great and brave Syrian Arab Army liberates country from various terrorist organizations and militants and is currently in the final stage to defeat terrorism and return peace to the liberated areas in Syria. The best proof of the return of the peace and stability in the country is that hundreds of thousands Syrians have already returned to their homeland from abroad since 2016. Around 1.2 million internally displaced Syrians have returned to their homes. These are the people that already participate in the restoration of Syria. Under the word restoration of Syria – meant a lot. Restoration of home, infrastructure, economy and so on. Reunification of families is also important for Syrians and Syria, probably a top priority to set peaceful life back on track and to rebuild the country as soon as possible. Estimated 2 million Syrian refugees would be able to return to the country mostly from Lebanon, Turkey and countries in the European Union. Syrian government is preparing all conditions for the return of Syrian refugees. Camps had been set up in cities to accommodate for refugees for safe return that are ready to accept now about half a million returnees. All necessary and additional facilities to assist refuges are being prepared at borders. For example at the checkpoint between Jordan and Syria border crossing health center, mobile clinic, ambulance are fitted with a full-job medical staff. The crossing includes also facilities to assist refuges with necessary documents. The return of refugees to their homes is a key priority for Syria and Syrian people.



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