The past is never dead

On May 29 Syrians mark the 73rd anniversary of the Internal Security Forces Day which commemorates the parliament’s guards and security members who were martyred by the French occupation same day the year 1945. The 29th of May, 1945 is important day in Syrian history for struggle of Syrian people against French colonization. 73 years ago the internal security members refused to bow to the colonizer and pull down the Syrian flag form the Syrian Parliament as they also refused to salute the French flag. The parliament’s guards resisted the French attack until they ran out of ammunition, then the French troops, armed with hatred and weapons, stormed the building and killed the remaining guards. They also set fire and destroyed many parts of the building. The aggression of May 29, 1945, was not limited to the massacre of the parliament but also included the city of Damascus and the other Syrian cities and towns according to a premeditated plan. The brutal acts of bombing, destroying cities, killing and mutilating the bodies, did not help the colonists and did not enable them to subjugate the Syrians’ national will, but increased their insistence on the struggle and resistance forcing French to evacuate their last troops on April 17, 1946.


History lessons from the past quiet precisely explain the reason why Syria is against of French military bases on its territory.

damascus 1945

Destruction in Damascus after the French air raid – 30 May 1945


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