Syria’s Jaafari Slams Informal Paper On Geneva Process

Syria’s Permanent Representative of Syria to the UN has criticized the informal paper on reviving the political process in Geneva as it contradicts international resolutions and aims to undermine the Geneva talks and the Sochi Congress.

He said the list was established by the USA, UK, France, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, who are directly involved in the Syrian crisis and ‘have blood on their hands’.

“This in itself is like a black comedy which we are living in a new chapter of the conspiracy against Syria. How does a country like America – who created and sponsored Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization, and is still fighting for it over the Syrian territory, a state that violates Syrian sovereignty by its military presence on its territory in flagrant defiance of all international covenants and laws – how can a state like this whose hands are covered in Syrian blood and has directly attacked Syria talk about the political solution and the future in Syria?” Jaafari said.

“How can countries such as Britain and France, who follow American policy like the blind leading the blind, envision of any solution or political horizon in Syria? And a state like Jordan, which hosts the secret military operations room and has opened its territory to terrorists from all directions and turned its territory into a safe haven for seven terrorist training camps to train and send them to Syria and other countries, how can it talk about sovereignty, politics, and participation in making a political solution in Syria?” the politician said.

“And last but not least, Saudi Arabia, the crown jewel, the epitome of democracy, the beacon of freedom in the East, the model of the rule of law, the example of constitutions and social justice, the oasis of good living and gender equality, the icon of elections and alternation of holding power, how can such a medieval country contribute to devising an advanced vision for a Syrian constitution? This rally is a black comedy,” he added.

In a press-conference in Vienna on Friday Bashar Jaafari said the Syrian delegation has had a fruitful meeting with the UN Special Envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura where the sides have discussed Sochi Congress aimed at starting the dialogue between the Syrians with no external interference.



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