Syria: Work Meeting to Discuss the Phases of “Syria Post-Crisis” Project

A special work meeting on “Syria Post-crisis program” chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis was held on Monday, during which the participants discussed the phases realized by the technical teams which have been formed to carry out the program prepared by the Planning and International Cooperation Commission in coordination with different ministries.

Prime Minister said the program is very important to develop a post-crisis strategy, aimed at addressing the impact of crisis in terms of social, economic, humanitarian and service domains as well as restoring the development path, based on the ability of society and economy to recover, noting that the program shows the future of Syria in the next phase in all sectors.

Khamis added that the steps of the work firstly include addressing war’s challenges and repercussions on various sectors, secondly, working according to a qualitative strategy related to the priorities and legislation of the government in coordination with the committees concerned,

He affirmed the need to work seriously and reach logical indicators that can be implemented according to the schedule.

For his part, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad said that the project is an issue of sovereignty and aims to put a comprehensive developmental plan to utilize the national capabilities in a best way.

He indicated that the international community should contribute to the reconstruction process in Syria and the countries which provided terrorist groups with money and weapons should pay compensations to the Syrian people.




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