Chinese Special Forces to Join Combating Terrorism in Syria

According to “FARS news agency” the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria announced on Wednesday that Chinese Special Forces are ready to go in Syria to take part in combat against terrorist groups.
The Russian center said that the Chinese forces will soon arrive in Syria to intensify the attacks on the Islamic al-Turkistani.
The center quoted sources in the Chinese Defense Ministry as saying that the Chinese Army’s Night Tigers and the Siberian Tigers affiliated to the counter-terrorism forces will soon arrive in Syria to attack Eastern-Islamic Turkistan Movement in Damascus province.
The Arabic-language al-Watan online reported on Monday that members of the Islamic al-Turkistan party clashed with the rival terrorists of Ansar Turkistan in the Abu al-Dhohour airbase in Southeastern Idlib for the first time.
The al-Watan quoted sources close to the warring parties as well as the conflict between the Islamic al-Turkistan party and Ansar Turkistan.
It is added that the army troops have deployed only 17 km away from the airbase from its Eastern direction.
Al-Watan went on to say that Al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at or the Levant Liberation Board), participating in the battle against the army men close to the village of al-Mastariheh.


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