Government Delegation Inspects Service, Economic and Health Situation in Eastern Ghouta

Damascus countryside, SANA-Upon the directives of President Bashar al-Assad, a government delegation, headed by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, continued on Thursday its visits to Damascus countryside province, inspecting the service, health, educational, economic and developmental situation in Eastern Ghouta, visiting the towns of Kafrin, Ghizlanya, Haijaneh, Jdaidet al-Khas, Deir al-Hajar and Tal Maskan.

At the beginning of the tour, Khamis laid the corner stone for the project of expanding, rehabilitating and completing al-Ghouta caws’ farm with a cost of 1 billion SYP.

“The aim of the visit is to inspect the service, health, educational, economic and developmental situation Eastern Ghouta and put a strategic work plan for all towns and villages which were liberated at the hands of the Syrian army in order to restore stability and launch production and developmental projects in these areas,” Prime Minister said.

The delegation visited the factories region and Bahri factory for Medicine in Kafrin.

“The continued production of the factories in Eastern Ghouta sends a message about the Syrian people’s strength of will and determination, Khamis said, adding that the government is determined to confront challenges and difficulties which face the owners of the factories.

The government delegation also inspected the work situation in Ghizlanya Mill that extends on a land area of 22 thousand meters and paid a visit to the medical center in the town.

During a visit to the sewage treating station in Jdaidet al-Khas, Khamis said work is underway to end the suffering of the citizens from this problem.

Later, the delegation visited the In Vetro Fertilization of cows in Ghizlanya town, listening to a brief by the staff on the work mechanism of the center.

“Al-Ghouta, which was able to stand against terrorism and preserve its national identity, will receive the government needed support to restore its production wheel that will back the national economy,” Khamis said during a meeting with popular activities of the said towns.




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