It is Important to Keep Ceasefire Regime in Syria – Nazarbayev

Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, met the heads of delegations in Astana taking part in the negotiations on Syrian conflict settlement, Akorda reports.

“The head of the state marked importance of the conflict regulation in Syria and indicated high interest of the world community in the problem resolution,” read the message.
“Your work is in the focus of all the world. Big number of deceased people and refugees have become a loss for the whole world. By the request of the presidents of Russia and Turkey, Kazakhstan provided a ground for negotiations in Astana. Everyone marked effect of this process,” he said.

N. Nazarbayev marked that Astana process contributes into effectiveness of Geneva talks. He indicated the results of Astana process.

“You have resolved the problem of de-escalation of military actions in several regions. You have developed further mechanisms, humanitarian situation has improved. It is important to keep ceasefire regime,” he said.

Alexander Lavrentyev, head of the Russian delegation expressed gratefulness for the opportunity to discuss intermediary results of the talks in Syria and gave estimation to the situation around the conflict.

“Much time has passed since we started our work. There are positive results. De-escalation zones helped to stabilize the situation and create conditions for gradual transfer to the process of political regulation. Within the frameworks of Astana process we are trying to provide performance of ceasefire regime,” he said.




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