Egyptian FM: Any Understandings With Terrorist Organizations in Syria are Unacceptable

Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry said that the situation in Syria requires intensive work from all sides to end the crisis in the country.

His remarks came during a press conference jointly held with his Portuguese counterpart Augusto Santos Silva on Thursday.

Shoukry said that Egypt has not received yet an invitation for attending the upcoming Astana meeting, but it is consulting with the participating countries to see what is being discussed, and to convey the Egyptian point of view.

He referred to the efforts Egypt is making together with Russia to work on expanding de-escalation zones in some areas in Syria.

Egypt calls for consolidating the cessation of hostilities with the exclusion of the terrorist organizations, he added.

Shoukry pointed out that any understandings with the terrorist organizations in Syria are unacceptable as these organizations pose a danger and a threat to Syria as well as to others countries, stressing that the international community has to prove its credibility in combating terrorism.




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