Syria Calls on UNSC to Halt US-led Coalition’s Illegal Airstrikes

Syria has called on the UNSC to do its job and halt the US-led so-called anti-terror coalition’s crimes against the nation.

On Wednesday, the Syrian foreign ministry sent two letters to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and the chairman of the UN Security Council, criticizing the international community’s silence towards the US’ atrocities.

The letter goes on to slam the states and organizations “which bargain in the humanitarian issues, but they remain silent when it comes to the US-led coalition crimes against the Syrian people.”

“Syria strongly condemns crimes committed by the international coalition and the terrorist groups against Syrian civilians, infrastructure and services and economic facilities shedding the blood of hundreds and causing huge damage and destruction,” the letter added.

The letters also brought to attention the US’ latest airstrikes which have killed a large number of people and destroyed large amounts of civilian infrastructure.


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