1st Int’l Commerce and Investment Forum is a Step in Upcoming Reconstruction Stage

First International Commerce and Investment Forum, kicked off with the participation of several economic and trade sectors at the Damascus-based Sheraton Hotel, focuses on issues such as international trade, economic theories and organizations, the exchange market, International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Electronic Commerce.

The Forum, continuous until Friday, covers many prominent axes by Arab and local experts and researchers who are expected to focus on means of upgrading the situations of Arab economies particularly those facing surges of terrorism.

Dr. Zein al-Abideen Rajab from Egypt presented a lecture titled “Introduction on International Trade…Theories of International Trade” where he highlighted the main reasons for having the external trade as a pressing need among communities and countries due to the diversity of products and that led to an inter-dependent relations and need for cooperation.

The Forum is organized by Sawa Education Group and the International Electronic University.

Head of Sawa Group Dr. Majed al-Rekbi said that the Syrian economy proved its solidity through the legendary resilience throughout the past six years of war, adding that the Forum stems from the belief that this economy is one of the major bases for the reconstruction process.

Chairman of Damascus Chamber of Commerce Samer al-Debs said that work is being done with all sides and sectors that seek to support the national economy, particularly the industry sector, pointing out that the country will witness in the upcoming stage an economic rise and attraction for important international and Arab investments.

Director of the Electronic University, Dr. Mahfouz Salam, highlighted that the role of the academic people lies in setting up and implementing training programs that cover the needs of the Arab states and exposing the role of economists and researchers for overcoming the crises in our region.




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