Syria’s Assad Receive Italian Delegation in Damascus

The Syrian President Bashar Assad on September 17 met Italian parliamentary delegation led by Member of the Senate, Senator Mario Romani in Damascus.

During the meeting the sides discussed the current situation in Syria as well as the visit of the Italian delegation to several Syrian provinces. The issue of anti-Syrian positions in Western Media, which spread false information regarding the actual situation in the country, was also touched.
Bashar Assad also said that a number of Western politicians continue to support terrorists and illegal armed groups in Syria, despite their countries suffered due to terrorist attacks.
The Syrian leader emphasized, that the visit of the European delegates to Syria who gain familiarity with real situation play a key role in changing public opinion of Europeans.
For their turn, the Italian delegates expressed solidarity with Syrians in their fight with terrorists. They also stressed that the terrorism striking Syria for years now has started to affect a number of European countries and poses a real threat to the security, safety and future of their citizens.


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