Aleppo Civilians Get Food Supply

The city of Aleppo, which had long been one of the most severe battlefields as government forces struggled against opposition factions and terrorist groups, was completely liberated by Damascus troops in December 2016. Western areas of the Aleppo province are part of one of the de-escalation zones that were established in May during the talks on the Syrian settlement in the Kazakh capital of Astana.

Straight after the city liberation humanitarian aid convoys began to deliver supplies for Aleppo citizens. So we’ve found the footage on “ORIENT TRUTH” Youtube channel about one of such aid.

“My name is Abdullah Al-Ahmad. I am a council member of Al-Sahur district. Every morning we hand out bread in this district with the support from the administration of the city of Aleppo

People come here and get in line from the very morning to get a pack of bread. Every day more and more people return to their houses in eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo and so we need to bring more and more packs of bread. We are very, very pleased to see this and we trust that things will come back to normal.”


Video Source







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