Moscow Hopes Syrian Opposition Will Help Destroy ‘Terrorist Hotbed’ in Syria

Moscow hopes the Syrian opposition will fight against terrorism in Syria more actively, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement Friday.

The statement said that the establishment of de-escalation zones in Syria opens the possibility to focus on the elimination of the “terrorist hotbed” there.

“We expect that the patriotically minded part of the Syrian opposition will be more actively involved in that uncompromising struggle in the military, political and ideological sense,” the statement said.

The ministry added it was necessary to intensify efforts within the Astana format in order to establish the fourth de-escalation zone in the Idlib province.

Three zones, which were established in the area north of Homs, in Eastern Ghouta immediately east of Damascus, and in the country’s south, including parts of Daraa and Quneitra provinces, are already operational.

The zones are being established for six months with the option of extending them automatically for another six months.

They are aimed at soothing the consequences of the brutal civil war in Syria, during which the government forces have been fighting against both Syrian opposition groups who strive to overthrow President Bashar Assad, and numerous extremist and terrorist groups such as Daesh.

Russia, Turkey and Iran, the guarantor states of Syrian ceasefire, signed a memorandum last May to create zones of de-escalation in Syria.




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