Warring Parties Agree on De-Escalation Zones Borders

The border lines in two de-escalation zone have been defined, Israel and Jordan have no place in Syria peace talks.

Reports say relevant sides have agreed on the demarcation of the borders in two zones out of four de-escalation zones that covers Eastern Ghouta and areas in Northern Homs.

The sides have not thus far singed any agreement on the borders of the Northern region, Idlib province, whose case is pursued by Turkey.

The fourth zone is under study and its border has not been defined yet due to the interventions made by Jordan and Syria that neighbor this zone. No mission will be given to Israel and Jordan to have direct monitoring role in the de-escalation zone.

A large number of the different opposition groups in the Northern zone, demarcation of the border is difficult and offering responsibilities seems to be impossible.

No decision has been made about the deployment of peace-keeping forces in the de-escalation zones, it is not clear if peace keepers deploy in the zones or monitor the situation from two separate centers in Russia and Turkey.







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