French FM Met UN Envoy On Syria Talks

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian late Tuesday held talks with UN Special Envoy for #Syria Staffan de Mistura to review the status of peace negotiations on the Syrian conflict and to discuss the next steps in this process, a Foreign Ministry statement said Wednesday.

Le Drian reiterated the position expressed earlier in the week by President Emmanuel Macron that “a democratic transition is necessary to end the conflict.” Le Drian and de Mistura reviewed progress so far under the UN-guided peace process and “the next steps in political negotiations.” Earlier on Tuesday, Macron received a delegation of the Syrian opposition groups led by the Coordinator of the Higher Committee for negotiations for the Syrian opposition groups, Riad Hijab, and Le Drian Tuesday night also held talks with this senior opposition representative.

The French position remains that de Mistura has the full support of Paris in leading the negotiation effort and Le Drian reiterated in his talkswith the UN envoy that #France “supports the mediation” he has undertaken now in a number of sessions with the parties.

“In the immediate term, #France calls on all the parties to respect the cease-fire in hostilities and guarantee complete, unconditional and unfettered humanitarian access to all populations in need of this,” the statement said.

On Monday, Macron met here with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Syrian situation was at the heart of the discussions.

Both leaders agreed to prioritize the fight against terrorism and to create joint resources for better cooperation in this area between Paris and Moscow.

They also agreed on the need to prevent the disintegration of the Syrian State as this would only favour the objectives of terrorist groups.

Macron, on that occasion, also warned that any further use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict would meet with “an immediate riposte” from France.






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