Moscow: Too Early to Set Up Body on New Syrian Constitution

It is too early to set up a special body on the development of a new Syrian constitution, but preliminary discussions could start as early as at the next round of intra-Syrian talks in Geneva, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said.

The draft constitution was presented by Russian experts to the parties of the Syrian conflict during the talks in Astana that took place on January 23 – 24. The establishment of the new Syrian constitution is considered crucial for achievement of peace in the country.

“We do not think that the possibility of creating a formal committee or commission now stands in the practical plane, although, obviously, in the long term the parties will come to this,” Gatilov said.

“But we believe that it would be possible to begin the process with a preliminary general exchange of views between the opposition and the government delegation regarding the constitutional aspects of the future Syrian state,” he added.

Moscow supports the continuation of Staffan de Mistura’s work as the UN Special Envoy for Syria, expects positive results of his efforts, Gatilov told Sputnik.

“He [de Mistura] has an appropriate mandate from the UN Security Council, and we think that with the support of the international community, he could achieve positive results in this direction,” Gatilov said in an interview.

According to Gatilov, de Mistura is able to bring the conflicting sides in Syria to the negotiating table again.

“We wish him success and, on our part, support the continuation of his work in this capacity, ” Gatilov added.






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