US Envoy Met Opposition Group on Syria Crisis

US Special Envoy for Syria, Deputy Assistant State Secretary Michael Ratney discussed with Cairo opposition platform in Geneva the US-Russian role in the Syrian settlement and the US interests, member of the Cairo platform Firas Khalidisaid.

“We discussed the Russian-American role and what the interests of the Americans are, which are in the three stages of fighting terrorism and calming the military situation, in order to open the way forward political process and the completion of the political agreement,” Khalidi said.

He added that the US special envoy “stressed that what they are working on is an agreement that preserves the dignity of the Syrian people and achieves justice.”

Ratney also emphasized the talks in Geneva need to be direct.

Until now, the negotiations are mediated by UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura

Cairo platform of the Syrian opposition positively assesses the work of UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura, Khalidi stated.

“De Mistura was successful in the last round and he did a breakthrough in the talks and knew how to adjust the rhythm between America and Russia, and was able to engage in procedural discussions and practically start a discussion of the four baskets. This round was calm media-wise, but active technically-wise,” Khalidi said.

The four baskets are governance, constitution, elections and counterterrorism.

The Cairo opposition platform is unaware of the so-called Naumkin paper detailing principles of the Syrian settlement, the member of the platform said.

The so-called Naumkin paper with political principles on the Syrian settlement was given to one of the delegations at the ongoing Intra-Syrian talks in Geneva, Sputnik learned from a source earlier in the day.

“We are not aware of any document under the so-called ‘Naumkin document,” Khalidi said.

He added that the Cairo platform was planning to “give today their answers to the team of UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura on a paper presented at this round on discussing the four baskets,” Khalidi said.





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