French FM, de Mistura Discuss Syria

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault on Tuesday discussed by phone worsening security in Syria with UN special envoy Staffan de Mistura, namely growing number of truce violations.

They “reviewed the worrying deterioration of the security situation” and the “continued violations of the cessation of hostilities” which France blamed mostly on the Syrian regime, the Foreign Ministry said.

The discussion also addressed the humanitarian situation and it was noted that “the civilian populations are in a critical situation in the absence of the deployment of humanitarian aid on the ground.” Concerning the latest round of “inter-Syrian negotiations,” which resumed on March 23 in Geneva, Ayrault indicated to de Mistura that France wanted the talks to move forward in a “constructive spirit” on the four principal subjects on the table.

These include: “political transition, the constitution and elections in conformity with UN Security Council resolution 2254, as well as the fight against terrorism,” Paris affirmed.

“The Syrian regime, in particular, is called upon to negotiate in good faith in order to move forward on the path to a settlement of the crisis,” the French statement added, noting that only a political solution would help end the conflict.

Ayrault also renewed full support for de Mistura in his function as mediator in the Geneva talks.





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