‘No Hope of Breakthrough’ at Syria Talks, Opposition Say

Syrian opposition’s chief negotiator for UN-mediated talks between government and rebel representatives has said he is pessimistic that a breakthrough will happen.

Mohammed Sabra of the High Negotiations Committee [HNC] said the issue of governance and especially the removal of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad remain top priorities during talks.
“I do not think that we will achieve any significant advances during this round of talks,” Sabra said.

“Unfortunately, we see the regime intensifying its military operations on the ground and its aerial bombardment with Russian support. There is no genuine international will to pressure the regime to stop,” he said.

Sabra said the regime’s current military offensive was an attempt to regain power.

“We are committed to a political transition that will save Syrians, so we will stay in Geneva in order to urge the international community to pressure the regime and its allies,” he stressed.

Sabra added that the opposition delegation asked UN mediator Staffan de Mistura on Saturday to respond to questions about his position on a political transition.

Assad’s delegation has sought to keep terrorism as the focus of the talks, accusing the HNC of partnering with extremists.



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