Iran MoFA: China May Join Syria Reconciliation Talks in Astana

The spokesman of IRI’s Foreign Ministry told at a press conference today that Syrian talks in Astana to be held later in mid-March in Kazakhstan’s capital. “Astana talks is slated to be held before Geneva session; we wait to see what would be the outcomes of the talks,” Mr. Bahram Ghasemi touched on the issue briefly.

On China’s latest stances on Syria and vetoing the anti-Syria resolutions in UN Security Council and the probability of China’s participation at Astana talks, Ghasemi said “China’s position on Syria and region is clear; regarding the Astana talks there have been different views and some states were eager to increase the number of the delegations but were confronted on the basis that plurality of the actors could decrease the chance of consensus; this doesn’t mean the lack of will by countries like China to take part at the session; China and even some other states would joint Astana and Geneva talks on Syria in near future.” say quotations  presented by Mehr News Agency.


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