Syrian Civil Society Activists Urge Constructive Approach to Geneva Talks

In the second week of the Geneva talks, Syrian civil society groups active in the Syrian peace process urged negotiating parties to focus on ending the violence and supporting a credible path to political transition.

“Syrians have been clear since day one of Geneva talks that the Syrian people need the peace talks to deliver tangible results,” Assaad al Achi of Baytna Syria, a leading Syrian-run civil society organization that promotes an inclusive and democratic future for all Syrians, said. “That means parties need to focus on delivering an end to the violence, improving humanitarian aid access, and securing the release of detainees. Parties have an important opportunity here in Geneva to resolve the crisis – and we Syrians are depending on them to represent our interests by constructively advancing the cause of peace and justice.”

Al Achi continued. “Geneva provides a platform to achieve the peace Syrians deserve, it must not be used to ramp up killing or waste time. As civil society, it is we first and foremost that will have to buy into and implement any deal.



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