Iraq Welcomes Syrian Draft Constitution

Iraq has a positive view of the Syrian draft constitution proposed by Russia, especially its provision implying removal of the word “Arab” from the name of the country, former Iraqi Human Rights Minister Bakhtiar Amin said on Monday.

He added that Syria would not be able to return to the pre-war period with the Syrian government facing a need to change its approach and way of thinking.

“Iraq has a very positive view of the Syrian draft constitution proposed by Russia. For the first time in the modern history of Syria someone offers the Syrian Arab Republic to remove the world ‘Arab’ in its name because this is a multinational, multireligious society – not all Syrians are Arabs and other people must feel as a part of the country, they must have all civil rights and must be recognize and respected,” Amin said, adding that representatives of Iraq should take part in the negotiations in both Geneva and Astana aimed at settlement of the Syrian conflict.

“I think that the world should support the example of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, who has good relations with the Kurds and President of Iraqi Kurdistan Masoud Barzani, it is necessary to support their efforts in struggle against the Islamic State. Kurds could also play a positive role in the peace settlement in Syria, they should participate in Astana and Geneva, as well as the Iraqi government should be a part of the process, which is ongoing on these venues,” he said.

Amin added that Iraq appreciated Russia’s support of the Iraqi Kurds, as well as Moscow’s assistance in the fight against ISIS fighters.

The international community has been making efforts aimed at settlement of the Syrian conflict, in which government troops have been fighting numerous extremist groups and opposition fractions. ISIS which is one of the most powerful terrorist organizations in Syria has occupied vast territories of the crisis-torn state, as well as of Iraq.




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