Opinion: Astana Talks to Help Geneva Process

None of the parties to the Syrian negotiations has rejected the idea to set up working groups for creation of the Syrian Constitution, Special Representative of the Russian Federation for Syria, head of the Russian delegation Alexander Lavrentyev told in the press conference after the talks.

“None of the parties has rejected the idea to form working groups on Constitution or the necessity to start a constitutional reform”, said Lavrentyev. The Russian delegate also said the consultations of Russia, Turkey and Iran allowed to make a framework for approval of the provision of the joint group on cease fire monitoring.

“This is a good signal for other opposition groups which still ponder whether to join the process or not. I hope they will agree to participate in the search of middle-ground solutions in the course of the inter-syrian dialogue”, he added.

According to Lavrentyev, the parties have demonstrated readiness and so far they have reserved their participation in creation of these groups. “We will hope that our discussion of these issues with these groups will help narrow the gap and help the Geneva process”, -said the expert.


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