Reports: ‘Social Contract Draft’ Being Prepared in N.Syria

Reports say a “Social Contract Draft” is being prepared to act as an alternative constitution for Syria. This draft is expected to be announced soon.

The draft will be presented as the Constitution for Federal Syria. How this draft from Northern Syria will be received in Damascus, Moscow and Washington is a very important question. But whatever the outcome is, it will be very important for the solution in Syria.

Russia’s draft Constitution is neither rejected nor accepted — it is considered to be a draft that should be discussed. It is taken as an insufficient step, but a first one by international powers. Geneva and Astana meetings haven’t generated hope for a resolution yet. Russia took a step by preparing this draft. Russia suggests autonomy for Kurds, but the Kurds think their issues will be solved not through autonomy, but through a democratic, federal Syria. In Russia’s draft, other peoples and faiths outside of the Kurds have been ignored. That is also seen as a flaw. But it is important that Kurdish rights are mentioned in a document for the first time.



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