Opinion: New Draft Constitution Has Positive Points But is Not a Solution

The co-leader of the Northern Syria Federation (de facto Kurdish autonomous region in northern Syria) Constituent Assembly, Hediye Yusif said the constitution proposed by Moscow for a solution to the Syria crisis has a lot of pros but is not a solution of conflict.

Yusif said Northern Syria Federation Constituent Assembly had proposed their own solution before and would not wait for the Syrian war to end to implement it.

“The Kurdish issue and cause is not an issue of cultural rights; we are a people with an ancient history, have roots in civilization and a rich culture. Therefore the constitution proposed by Russia, which recognizes cultural and local governance rights, will not provide a solution to the problem. We are Syria’s national force. We have liberated our region and formed our federal system. This is our natural right.

The draft proposed by Russia includes several positive articles. It could be a basis for future talks and negotiations. However our project prevents and rejects the centralization of Syria… Our system is different to all other federal systems around the world. We studied all the examples and then developed our own system based on the sociological differences and richness of our region. There are similarities to Switzerland but it is not exactly the same. This is because the Northern Syria Federation project is grounded on the concept of the democratic-nation.”



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