Some Important Extracts From The Draft Constitution

The draft constitution for Syria proposed by Moscow laid the groundwork for democratic reforms in Syria. You may like the document or dislike it, but some of its provisions are essential for the survival of the Syrian state. For example, the document envisages changing Syria’s borders only if the country’s nationals support the move via a referendum.

“Any loss of Syrian territories is not acceptable, change of state borders can only be allowed through a general referendum with the participation of all citizens and on the basis of the desire of the Syrian people.”
Moreover, the draft constitution proposed by Russia suggests extension of the Syrian parliament’s powers so that it could declare war, impeach the president and approve the head of the Central Bank.
The constitutional proposals for Syria suggest that international law should be a priority in case domestic law contradicts it. The document stipulates the supremacy of the international law. It should arrange for all the opponents of the Syrian conflict.
“The recognized principles and provisions of the international law and Syria’s international treaties are an integral part of its legal system. If an international treaty defines different rules than that of the Syrian law, then the rules of the international treaty will be used.”


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